Adult Art Classes


Jessica F.


Learning the process of acrylic is a must. We teach the basic skills you will need to know to do an acrylic painting from start to finish. Our teachers follow Master Artist, Thomas S. Cleveland’s program to help students achieve beautiful pieces of art work in acrylic. There are an array of choices when it comes to doing an acrylic painting; from landscapes to the family pet, we guide you every step of the way. Teachers will demonstrate and help the student learn techniques that they can utilize even after discontinuing lessons. If you find your self wanting to paint but don’t know even where to begin, we can help!

Beginning Freehand:

Learn how to sketch and use 3-D shading to complete a striking tonal drawing on color paper.


Drawing: “Learning to See”

Even if you haven`t drawn since you were a kid this course will open your eyes to your undiscovered talent. The four basic skills of perception are explained. Edge / Contour. Negative / Positive space, Part to Whole Relationship, and Light / Shadow perception exercises train your “eye” to see. Understanding these skills will empower you to create a convincing realistic painting.



If you’ve always wanted to do a portrait of a loved one or maybe a caricature learning the proportions of the human face is a must. Simply explained allows you to get the likeness you strive for. So dig out that old family photo and let our teachers guide you through the process of portraiture.



Don’t be afraid of the water. Armed with the technical information watercolor is not the “hardest” medium. It is fluid and forgiving with the right instructions and tools.



This medium offers the comfort of drawing and the speed and impact of painting. Learn the proper paper and tools to quickly achieve a stunning work of art.