Most teens are reluctant to take an art class. They may fear public critique, not being as good as, or feel they must not be a true artist if they have to take a class. Da Vinci had a teacher. All the great artists studied under Masters. It is the way art has always been taught. One stroke of genius at a time handed down personally to the next generation. No how to book, youtube videos or personal trial and error can match the speed and results of personal instruction. We provide just that.

Concerned that they draw one subject over and over, again and again? Don’t be. It is an attempt to perfect their ability to draw that subject. They are using the same skills required to draw anything else as well. Drawing is drawing. If you ask most artist “how do you do that?”, many will say classes help them identity their skills to “just copy it” empowering them to get unstuck when they can’t figure out or make it “right”. Expecting advancement in art by repetition is like expecting a music student to somehow sumble upon how to compose a concert without ever having the benefit of being taught the chords and how to read and write music. It simply doesn’t work that way nor does it with visual art.

A major concern of “being an artist” is Money! 

How in the world are they going to make a living drawing that stuff..

NOTE: The Video Gaming business is a multi-billion dollar industry and still growing. The demand for classically trained artists is actually higher today than any other time in history. Many don’t stop to consider the best video games, computer animated movies, phone and computer icons, the devices themselves and anything else for that matter that is conceptualized, designed and manufactured, began as just a doodle. The knowledge to develop that simple doodle into a finished product requires specialized training that we lay the groundwork for. We teach students how to concept, visualize and execute their ideas using traditional methods as a foundation. Computer graphic skills can be mastered by artist and non-artists alike.

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