The Artist Within is offering discounted camps next week, March 16-20th (possibly the following week March 23-27th, depending), with extended hours for working parents during school closures due to the coronavirus. We have taken extra precautions in cleaning all parts of our classroom. We use products that kill 99.99% of germs and have cleaned brushes, pencils, door handles, bathrooms, desk, floors, keyboards, erasers, and all surfaces. The survey sent to parents this morning indicated parents would like implemented: washing hands thoroughly and frequently, no touching one another or others belongings(which is already a rule) and if any student, or teacher, has or develops flu like symptoms they will be asked to be picked up or sent home at the first sign. 

OPTIONS FOR CAMP: Parents will have the option for students to come the full week, either half day or full day, or to pick and choose selective single days at a prorated price, as well. We hope to be flexible helpful to working parents during this time. After going over Survey results, we decided we would offer the hours of 9:30-3:30pm with the option to drop off early and pick up late for an additional fee. Please follow the link below to sign-up for single unit days, full or half; or for the entire week, full or half day. We offer snacks in the AM and PM; usually cheese puffs, animal crackers or pretzels with water or juice. If you would like to send your student with additional snacks, please feel free to do so. 

LUNCH: Students will have the option to stay through the lunch hour from 12:00pm-1:00pm and eat a sack lunch provided from home. Parents also have the option to pick up their child for the lunch hour, or at any other hour that is their lunch to provide lunch for their students.

CAMP CONTENT: Surveys sent out this morning reported that parents would like to see all the options that we suggested! An overview of what was suggested is: The Artist Within basic art program (mixed media paintings), crafts (DIY, candle making, scrap-booking, decor), art history (movies, literature and discussion by our teachers about artist and paintings throughout history) and techniques boards (focus on different techniques in different mediums on a technique board, rather than within a painting). 

PRICES and TIMES: First, it should be said we are parents as well, and know that sometimes unexpected circumstances can be a huge financial strain on a family budget. Our intention is to help our community and fellow parents! We took the average price of a week of daycare in Cypress, TX and came up with the following prices. We did have to consider supplies for the activities in the price so it may be a small amount more than the average. Our full day option from 9:30-3:30 will be $300 (Monday-Friday) –this includes all supplies and lunch provided on Friday–, this does not include the price to add the extended hours. To add AM extended hours starting at 7:30am is $25 and to add PM extended hours ending at 5:00 is $25; this covers for the entire week.   Half day camp price is $150 (Monday-Friday) at the times of 9:30am-12:00pm or 1:00-3:30pm. Parents can pay to add additional hours as they need or for day-to-day changes in schedules. If they would like to add lunch to their half day camper’s schedule it will just be an additional $10 to the camp price. SINGLE DAY: single day drop-in price for half day is $40 and full day is $70 This price does not reflect the price of extended hours in the AM or PM, which is a flat rate of $25 for either AM or PM and $50 for both (this is whether it is just for the one day or the entire week). 

SIGN-UP: Sign-up will be available on our website, with the sign-up genius link to RSVP that can be found in the email sent out, or parents can register and pay in person, or by phone 832-995-7208, with Nicky